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Join hundreds of companies trying to make a difference with AeroAds. 

AeroAds is a provider of high quality and highly visible advertising to companies across Canada and the United States. The more ads we place, the more FREE aerodynamic trailer enhancements we can provide to semi-truck drivers. This allows for significant reductions in diesel fuel consumption. This is advertising you can feel good about! 

For Advertisers

If you’re a business looking for new and effective ways to advertise, look no further!  

Your ads are placed right at eye level of every car on the road. When roads are congested (and when are they not?), your ad is seen by thousands of people. Your ad is in a highly strategic location without being distracting. We also provide you with powerful analytics

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For Trailer Owners

Increased Fuel Economy, At No Cost To You!

If you own a trailer, or a fleet of trailers, it’s never been a better time to consider partnering with us!

Start saving fuel, saving money, and saving the environment, all while you haul your trailer, it’s time to sign up with us!

Get your FREE GreenWing Skirt, an industry leading brand with the best skirt on the market. On average, every GreenWing Skirt installed saves you 2,040L of diesel fuel per year per trailer!

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For A Greener Tomorrow

Help Foster a Cleaner Planet

We want to outfit every trailer on the road with aerodynamic skirts. Our goal is to save 1 million litres of fuel by 2025. You can feel good about being part of a growing green initiative. 

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released their Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas regulations. These new regulations start January 1st, 2018 and mandate that semi-truck trailers have some form of aerodynamic enhancements to help save fuel. The most common enhancement is an aerodynamic skirt like the GreenWing skirts we use. 

This means that there is a whole new advertising space available to your company. Be one of the first pioneers in this space and get your company noticed. 

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